What is OrienTea Premium Ready to Drink Tea? 

A waterfall of antioxidants for your body!

Natural Antioxidants

OrienTea contains more antioxidants than any other Ready To Drink beverage



All our ingredients are organic certified. We believe that something good for you should also be good for the Earth

We infuse green tea leaves to obtain the maximum benefits (and the best taste and freshness!)


All Natural

We only use premium ingredients. You will not find additives, flavorings, sweeteners, concentrates, extracts… Only healthy tea leaves and fruits!


No added sugar

Sugar provides only “empty calories” and an excess of it in our diet is unhealthy. We say no to unhealthy ingredients!


We want you guilt free when enjoying OrienTea, we worked hard so you won't have to count calories!

Our software engineer team are loving this iced tea. They are much happier since we introduced OrtienTea in our refreshment package. 

We were looking for a special green tea for our offices in Dublin and we found OrienTea. We are always looking at ways to improve our workplace health and wellness plan holistically. OrienTea has been key in this matter.


Lisa O'Donnell TechSaas, LTD

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OrienTea helped us to improve our healthy diet offering in our workplace. We used to have a plan for our employees including yoga and fitness program but not food and beverages.

Now not only we are one of the most innovative companies in our industry but we also have the healthiest employees!


Peter Jackson CRM_Cloud LTD

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